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O Jewa Ke Eng

By Lorraine Wangari Since January we have had quite a number of twitter trends of different topics, however, there was one that really caught my attention. This is a question which asks O Jewa Ke Eng? This question is in the Sesotho language and it means what is eating you up? Since the O Jewa Ke Eng trend which started

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We Have Been Published in The ‘Youth Solutions From The Commonwealth’

Mental Health is a millennial problem and has contributed to many deaths especially among the youth in our country. Did you know that 7,000+ people die annually from suicide? Yes, this means 20+ people commit suicide every day. At Mind My Mind we knew that something can be done about this and that’s why we sharpened our tools ready to

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I Will Soar – Book Launch

On January 12th 2018, we made an open call to all poets to submit uplifting and motivating pieces on mental health. We got a bunch of submissions and we compiled the best forty poems into a book titled, “I Will Soar” The free ebook is available for download from our site on http://mindmymind.co.ke/iwillsoar We will do a series of books

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