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I Will Soar – Book Launch

On January 12th 2018, we made an open call to all poets to submit uplifting and motivating pieces on mental health. We got a bunch of submissions and we compiled the best forty poems into a book titled, “I Will Soar” The free ebook is available for download from our site on http://mindmymind.co.ke/iwillsoar We will do a series of books

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The Story Of Jackson Munia

Jackson Munia had a family of two children and a wonderful wife. He loved his family dearly and never missed an opportunity to show them off.  It was habitual for him to introduce them to his business partners and friends. Jackson treated his children like royalty. Although he provided for their every need, supported all their dreams and celebrated even

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You Look Tired

By Sheila Nkirote “You look tired.”  This is the unsolicited observation that I get from people in my life who think there’s value in pointing out the obvious.  I get this from people a lot.  My rushed makeup routine, if I get to do it at all, does little for my dark, bloodshot eyes.  My skin and hair are greasy

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