Mental Health is a millennial problem and has contributed to many deaths especially among the youth in our country. Did you know that 7,000+ people die annually from suicide? Yes, this means 20+ people commit suicide every day.

At Mind My Mind we knew that something can be done about this and that’s why we sharpened our tools ready to create awareness to end the stigma surrounding mental health and help reduce suicide rates. We were up in arms with stereotypes that enslave people suffering from mental illnesses.

We did our first project, ‘The Depression/Suicide Photoshoot’ to show what goes into the life of a depressed and suicidal person. Our second project was an anthology of 40 inspirational and uplifting poems titled ‘I Will Soar’. We are glad that our efforts were recognized by the Commonwealth in making a ‘Fairer Future’. Amongst us were two other countries Cameroon & Gambia.

The 2018 Youth Forum’s theme of “Powering Our Common Future” reflects the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) theme of “Towards a Common Future” and illustrates the powerful potential of young people across the Commonwealth in devising solutions to complex global challenges as well as their ability to bring forward meaningful recommendations to the Heads of Government meeting.

We take this time to thank our members, partners and stakeholders in the supported they have accorded to us so far.

You can read or download the document here.

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